Until now, the only way to advertise to the Jewish market online was by doing banner ads on Jewish websites. And while they used to be great, now they are so cluttered with ads and pop ups it’s too hard to read, and most of the time the reader is lost trying to avoid every ad. Simply put, there is “banner overload” on these sites.

 JTargeting is the answer to getting in front of potential, targeted customers online, in a more efficient and effective way.

JTargeting is a network comprised of over 5 million devices belonging to frum users, across the U.S and Israel. With the ability to show search ads, banner and video ads, on Google, across social media networks and YouTube, we’re providing a clutter-free ad experience to the Jewish world.

With JTargeting, the user doesn’t get a sore eye from pop ups and flash banners, and you maximize the potential of clicks by captivating the frum audience without wasted spend on showing up to non Jews (as you would with Google and Facebook ads without JTargeting)